Volumes 31 to 40

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Many of our customers who visit Arizona and read the Territorial News enjoy the old west article’s so much they always ask about our past issues.

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Volume 31


Issue #11 01/09/19
Fort Davy Crockett, In Their Own Words “Dancing in Chicago”, The Mormon Battalion, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Henry Plummer “Outlaw Sheriff Hung by Vigilantes”, National Banking Act of 1863, Sweat Lodges, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, and more…

Issue #10 12/26/18
The Valenzuela Gang Terrorized the Arizona Frontier, In Their own Words “At the Gold Mines”, The Chuck Wagon, Jim Harvey -Arizona Web of Time, The Doolin- Dalton Boys Fight in Ingalls, Oklahoma, Louisiana Purchase Doubled the Size of US, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, 1864 Flood Devastates Denver, The Wagon Box Fight, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, The Mayberry Murders, Historic Fort Verde, America’s Destiny, and more…

Issue #9 11/28/18
Tom Horn Notorious Hired Gun, Battle of Picacho Pass, Libbie Custer, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, In Their Own Words “The Mormon Ghost Town”, Baja 1000, and more…

Issue #8 11/14/18
Teddy Roosevelt Political Giant Had a profound Influence on the History of the American West, Remember the Alamo! Sam Houston Ensures Texas Independence at Battle of San Jacinto, Siskiyou Trail, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Virginia City Nevada, NASCAR, and more…

Issue #7 10/31/18
Boomers & Sooners The Oklahoma Land Rush, A Wyoming Gunslinger Became Deputy Marshal, The Territory of Jefferson, Jim Harvey Arizona -Web of Time, Mountain Man Joseph R. Walker, 150 years Ago in the Old West, The Pony Express, Orphan Trains of the West, The Wind Wagon, Fighting Pests in the Old West, The Army Bugler, Santa Fe New Mexico, Ranch Rules, Rio Bravo, and more…

Issue #6 10/17/18
Uncle Dick Wootton’s Toll Road at Raton Pass, In Their Own Words “Kipling Visits the Chicago Stockyards”, Vigilance Committees in San Francisco, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Gold Road, Arizona, Spurs, and more…

Issue #5 10/03/18
Cryptic Message on Rock Reveals Fate of Gold Seekers, In Their own Words “ The Wild Bunch Rob the Union Pacific”, Spanish Missions in California, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, “The Hairy One” Augustine Chacon, Contention City, Levi Strauss, General Winford Scott Storms Chapultepec, and more…

Issue #3 09/05/18
Bear River Tom Smith Tamed Abilene With Fists, A Frontier Lady Crossing the Nevada Desert, Quanah Parker, Jim Harvey – Arizona Web of Time, Medicine Lodge Duel, The Populist Party Custer in the Black Hills, and more…

Issue #2 08/08/18
Wild Bill’s Killer Hanged in Yankton, In Their own Words “Robert Louis Stevenson in Nebraska, 1879, The Hoodoo War, The sheep eater Campaign, Mountain Man Culture, and more…

Issue #1 07/11/18
Ghost Dance Fever Grips Plains Tribes, In Their own Words “The First Women’s Suffrage Victory”, Ill Fated Fort Astoria, Jim Harvey, Arizona Web-of Time, The Santa Fe Trail, Women of the Plains, Nevada Becomes a State, and more…

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